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August 6, 2012


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:iconlachoirplz: Decorating profiles and journals is one of my favorite things to do on deviantART~! :D Some people have also been wondering how I decorate Yu-Gi-Oh-RPdA, Cavaliershipping-FC, and other RP accounts in the group, so I'll explain how I do it!:icongottadanceplz:The wonderful thing is that most of these decorating methods do NOT require a premium membership! :D

:iconfella-fan: Occasionally, deviantART also has Premium Membership Days that permit all members to use nearly all the features that premium members can! =p This means you can decorate your profile using all the decorations listed in this journal even if you don't have a premium membership! :D To find out when the next Premium Membership Day is, go add hq or Ayame-Kenoshi to your watch list.

Below is a list of different types of decorations that can be used on dA profiles:

:bulletblue: NO Premium membership required
:bulletpurple: Premium membership required (unless it's Premium Membership Day)

:bulletblue: Images and fan art
:bulletblue: Plz accounts
:bulletblue: Stamps
:bulletblue: Dividers
:bulletblue: Glitter text
:bulletblue: YouTube videos
:bulletpurple: Journal skins
:bulletpurple: Background images

All of these decorations require different types of coding to work.  Please make sure to write or copy the coding exactly the way it is.  Some people have trouble getting the coding to work simply because they add or remove spaces/letters in the coding.  It must be written accurately to work.

Also, the webcam had a function in the past when only subscribed members could put images on their profiles, so non-subscribed members could use their webcams to include a picture on their profiles.  However, since the end of 2011, all members can now put images on their profiles, which is why I personally consider the webcam to have no purpose because any image you want to put in the webcam can easily be put on the profile using HTML coding.  This means the webcam takes up space.  As a decorator of dA profiles, I need a lot of space to decorate, which is why I remove the webcam on profiles that I decorate.  However, if you wish to keep the webcam on your profile, feel free to do so. :)

Searching for Images

First, I spend a lot of time finding images online and I usually use the following websites:

:bulletorange: Google - Fan art, screenshots, posters, etc
:bulletorange: deviantART - Fan art
:bulletorange: Tumblr - Fan art and screenshots
:bulletorange: Pixiv - Fan art
:bulletorange: Zerochan - Fan art
:bulletorange: Minitokyo - Scanned posters that are often huge in size with great quality
:bulletorange: Ravegrl - Screenshots that have great quality
:bulletorange: Kokorononaka - Numerous screenshots from Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes
:bulletorange: Photobucket - Animated gif images, fan art, and screenshots

Pixiv is a Japanese website, but you can still find images from this site by going to Google and putting the word "Pixiv" in the search box.  For example, if you're looking for images of Seto Kaiba, you could use "Seto Kaiba Pixiv" as keywords.

You'll get more results if you do many searches using various keywords, including the characters' Japanese names, American names, nicknames, and alternate spellings.  Doing different searches can increase your chances of finding more images because some images only show up with a specific keyword.  Go to Google Translate or to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia website at to find Japanese names.  For example, if you look for images of Katsuya Jounouchi, you can try the following keywords:

:bulletgreen: Katsuya Jounouchi
:bulletgreen: Katsuya Jonouchi
:bulletgreen: Katsuya Jyonouchi
:bulletgreen: Joey Katsuya
:bulletgreen: Joey Wheeler
:bulletgreen: Joseph Wheeler

Editing Images

When I'm not satisfied with an image, I usually edit it in Photoshop Elements, which can take days or weeks depending on how much editing I do.  This journal does not explain how to edit images because it would require a whole tutorial and long explanations.  However, you can look up tutorials at Google or deviantART if you're interested in editing images.  For those who do not have a tablet, don't worry because images can be heavily edited even without a tablet.  I use a mouse to do all my editing. :)

Uploading Images to or an Image Hosting Website to Avoid Broken Images

Once you're satisfied with the images you found, you'll need to use HTML coding in order for them to show up on your profile.  (See the next step for the coding.)  The part of the image you need is the URL, which stands for Uniform/Universal Resource Locator.  It's the address of a World Wide Web page and is found at the top of the page.  For example, deviantART's URL is:

If you use URLs from images that you find online, there's a chance those images will be removed one day, which will result in broken images.  This means the images will no longer show up because their URLs/links will be out of date. :( Here are examples of broken images:

There are two ways you can preserve your images:

1) Post them in your on your deviantART account.  Your can be found at .  Nonpremium members have a limit of 2 GBs while premium members have a limit of 10 GBs of storage.  For more information on, go to .

2) Make an account on an image hosting website, such as Photobucket or ImageShack, and upload the images there.  Some image hosting websites are better than others and offer different services, so choose the one you prefer.  For example, some allow you to upload images that are no larger than a certain size, others allow you to upload animated images, etc.

Doing this will give you control on whether your images will get preserved or deleted. :)

HTML Coding

After you upload your images, go to a box/widget on your profile; click on, "Edit this Widget;" and use the following HTML coding:

<img src="URL OF THE PICTURE">

This coding is used if you do NOT want to resize the image and if you do NOT want the image to be a hyperlink.  A hyperlink is an image that can be clicked on, which leads to a different webpage.

Below is an example of a cute image used with this coding~! :iconmonkeyloveplz:

If you want to resize your image, use the coding below.  


Insert the width and height of your choice.  For example, if you want an image with a width of 460 and a height of 480, use this coding:

<img src="URL OF THE PICTURE" width="460" height="480">

If you want the image to be a hyperlink, use the coding below:


If you are using a deviation (art piece) made by a member of deviantART, please use the URL of the deviation's webpage for the "a href" part of the coding.  This will give credit to the artist and will make it easy for anyone visiting your profile to find the deviations quickly.  For example, there's a cute image of the Kaiba brothers at… and the coding for that image is:

<a href=""><img src="" width="480" height="480"></a>

The URL/link to that picture is and the URL/link to the deviation's page is .  In order to get the URL of the image itself, put your cursor/mouse on the image, right click on it, and there will be a pop up.  Select "Open image in new tab" (or a similar option depending on what browser you're using) from the pop up, and the image will show up in a separate tab.  This will give you the the image's URL.

Below is this cute image~! :iconawplz: If you put your cursor/mouse on the image, you'll see that it can be clicked on because it's a hyperlink.  If you click it, you'll be redirected to the deviation's page! :)

For the "img src" part of the coding, only image URLs work, which means you cannot use a URL from any random webpage.  However, for the "a href" part, any URL can be used.

This HTML coding can also be used for animated images.  Here are examples:

In addition, this HTML coding can be used to display other decorations, such as dividers and glitter text.

If you want to test HTML coding to see how images will show up on your profile, I recommend testing the coding in a journal and clicking Preview.  I often do this when I write codes. :)

Plz Accounts

Plz accounts are accounts that are usually inactive and that are mainly used for their avatars.  They have the same purpose as emoticons and their usernames usually end in "plz", which means "please".  Any deviantART member can post plz avatars to decorate profiles, comments, forums, journals, etc.  However, if you want to use a plz account's avatar for your own avatar, please get the permission of the original artist first.  A lot of plz accounts are used alone, but some can form bigger images, stamps, dividers, or text.  Plz accounts are a lot of fun! :dummy:

To post an avatar in a comment, put a colon, write the word icon, write the username, and then put another colon.  Even if the username has capital letters, capitalization is not required in this type of coding.  Below are examples of how to post plz account avatars:

:iconjoeywheelerplz: :pointr: :iconjoeywheelerplz:
:iconmarikbakurabrohugplz: :pointr: :iconmarikbakurabrohugplz:
:iconyakoutenmaplz: :pointr: :iconYakouTenmaplz:
:iconmariksuperw00tplz: :pointr: :iconmariksuperw00tplz:
:iconmanaishappyplz: :pointr: :iconmanaishappyplz:
:iconpervyserenityplz: :pointr: :iconpervyserenityplz:
:iconakefialaplz: :pointr: :iconakefialaplz:
:iconatticusrhodesplz: :pointr: :iconatticusrhodesplz:
:iconbakuraryou3plz::iconbakuraryou4plz: :pointr:

The website has thousands of plz accounts!:icondummydanceplz:You can find them by using the search bar and you can add new plz accounts to the list.  I've added hundreds of them to that site. :) I also made :iconyu-gi-ohplzicons: for Yu-Gi-Oh! plz accounts and :iconpokemonplzicons: for Pokémon plz accounts! :D

If you want to learn how to make plz accounts, go to… . :)


Several plz accounts put together can form stamps.  Examples include:

:iconrebeccahopkinsstamp1::iconrebeccahopkinsstamp2: :pointr: :iconRebeccaHopkinsStamp1::iconRebeccaHopkinsStamp2:
:iconjudai-1plz::iconjudai-2plz: :pointr: :iconjudai-1plz::iconjudai-2plz:
:iconryofanstampplz: :pointr: :iconRyofanstampplz:
:iconsyrus-1plz::iconsyrus-2plz: :pointr: :iconsyrus-1plz::iconsyrus-2plz:
:iconjohan-1plz::iconjohan-2plz: :pointr: :iconjohan-1plz::iconjohan-2plz:

You can also find stamps by browsing for them.  The coding for stamps and any other deviation (art piece) at deviantART is found on the right side of the deviation's page.  Examples include:

:pointr: :thumb149330438:
:pointr: :thumb168788615:
:pointr: :thumb273462035:
:pointr: :thumb195173809:
:pointr: :thumb193465154:
:pointr: :thumb129475819:


Several plz accounts put together can form dividers, which can be used to divide different sections on your profile.  Examples of dividers include:


There are more dividers at deviantART, but I won't list them all because there are many.  You can find more if you visit the profiles of the dividers above and by going to and… . :)

Dividers can also be made without plz accounts by searching on other sites.  You can find them by going to Google and searching "animated dividers".  To display dividers, use  the same HTML coding that is used for images.

Glitter Text

Some plz accounts form letters and numbers, which can be used to form words.  Examples include:


Glitter text can also be made without plz accounts by searching on other sites.  You can find them by going to Google and searching "glitter text".  To display glitter text, use the same HTML coding that is used for images.

Some sites include the option of putting backgrounds behind the text.  Other sites include animated images with names.  However, when I searched for images with names, I only found common names, such as Rebecca.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can be placed on your profile and journals with the following coding:

<da:embed profile="youtube" id="THE ID OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO">

Choose a video and put its ID in the HTML coding.  The ID can be found by clicking on "Share" at the bottom of the video.  A drop down menu will show up and will include the video's URL/link.  The ID includes the numbers and letters at the end of the coding.  For example, the URL/link of the video from… is, which means the ID is TabkjeN7H1A, so the deviantART coding is:

<da:embed profile="youtube" id="TabkjeN7H1A">

Here is the video:

You can change the size of the video by changing the width and the height.  For example, let's say you want to use a width of 275 and a height of 300 for the video above.  You'd use this coding:

<da:embed profile="youtube" id="TabkjeN7H1A" width="275" height="300">

Here is the video with the edited size:

Journal Skins

If you have a premium membership, you can decorate your journals with skins. :) Find journal skins by browsing for them at dA.  I've saved a ton of journal skins at… and… .  You can put journal skins on your main account, RP accounts, plz accounts, club accounts, and any other accounts you may have on dA.

If you know how to edit or write CSS coding, you'll be able to edit and/or make journal skins.  This means that even if you do not find a skin with a design or character that you want, you may be able to make one yourself.  Here are some fun Yu-Gi-Oh! skins that I've found:
Pharaoh Atem Journal css by stardropSeto Kaiba - Blue Eyes Skin by missanimefanBlue eyes white dragon by Jess-BotBlue Eyes White Dragon Skin by sora-jimonitosBlue eyes white dragon 2 by Jess-Bot

Background Images

If you have a premium membership, you can decorate the boxes/widgets on your profile by giving them a background! =p Use the coding below to do this and replace the word URL with the link that you want to use:

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src=\"URL"/></div></div><div class="gr-box">

For example, let's say you want to use the background from… .  To get the image's URL/link, right click on it and there will be a pop up.  Select "Open image in new tab" (or a similar option depending on what browser you're using) from the pop up, and the image will show up in a separate tab.  This will give you the the image's URL.  That picture's URL is , so the coding to get that background image is:

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src=\""/></div></div><div class="gr-box">

More Resources

For more ways to decorate your profile, visit the gallery of Sid (CypherVisor)!  He provides many resources for colored content-holder boxes, colored text, buttons, and more. :)


:star: I hope this information will be helpful for those of you who are interested in decorating your profiles~! :dance: If you come up with new and different ways to make your profiles pretty, please let me know. =p Editing takes a lot of time and it can take me weeks or several months to decorate a single account, so don't worry if it takes you a long time, too.  Patience is good when decorating an account. :) Anyway, I hope this helps! :D Have fun decorating, everybody!! :dummy:
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